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Established in 2010, ConnectiX is the result of an extensive research program undertaken by the University of California, which identified gaps in the supply chain marketplace relating to collaboration across organisations in asset management, field services management, logistics and supply chain.

ConnectiX was designed to fill this gap by bringing together the data input into disparate internal systems and between service organisations and contractors, allowing it to be shared and captured securely, all in real time.

ConnectiX is Australian developed and has a corporate headquarters in Sydney, partnering with global providers to deliver services internationally. As a proud recipient of a Federal Government Grant for early stage commercialisation, ConnectiX has solutions deployed with several of Australia’s largest asset and infrastructure owners and is focused on working with them to achieve their goals.

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Our Partners


ConnectiX is a DXC Partner. DXC provide enterprise consultancy, implementation, configuration, integration, hosting and support services for the ConnectiX platform.

ConnectiX can be purchased through your DXC Account and procurement arrangements.


ConnectiX was the first SAAS product to be available on the IBM Global Marketplace, and as such has passed IBM’s stringent security compliances. Originally built on the IBM tech stack, it has access to IBM tech suites, including Watson and its weather data.


ConnectiX has partnered with Atturra to deliver the ConnectiX platform the government and enterprise clients. As one of the largest privately owned IT services companies in Australia, Atturra helps both the public and private sector adapt and grow by delivering business and technology outcomes.

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Consultants and Service Providers

ConnectiX partners with a variety of consultants and service providers who act as both resellers and implementation partners. ConnectiX has a partner’s program and welcomes all consultants and service providers operating in the supply chain and asset management space.

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Our Board

Gavin Evans

Managing Director and Founder

Edward Mandla

Non-Executive Director