ConnectiX provides collaboration with all outsourced activities. Automation of the issue of works orders, supply orders and the issue of activities outside the organisation.

Solutions can include;
  • Automatic issue of works and supply orders to suppliers.
  • Automatic issue of plans, asset details and collection of DBYD to supplier.
  • Field Capture and transfer of WHS, Compliance, asset condition and asset data to client’s systems.
Benefits have included;
  • 28% overall savings due to reduced back office operations.
  • 18% increase in field productivity.
  • Improved KPI’s from 54% to 95%


ConnectiX provides collaboration from warehouse to customer. It integrates warehouse and transport systems and provides telematics.

Solutions can include;
  • Logistics management and integration to warehouse and transport management systems.
  • Vehicle and Driver Scheduling .
  • Start of day checklists, Location tracking, Proof of Pickup, Proof of Delivery.
Benefits have included;
  • Removal of back office and paper-based transaction records.
  • Knowledge of delivery issues prior to client notification.
  • Substantial improvement in client satisfaction.


Connectix provides collaboration across the management of facilities. ConnectiX provides the IoT platform to operate and management numerous sites and large numerous of sensors.

Solutions can include;
  • Design, engineering, build and rollout of multiple bi-directional intelligent sensor node types.
  • The deployment and management of numerous sites and large numbers of sensors and sensor nodes on low power WAN.
  • Integration into existing ERP and Works Management Systems.
Benefits have included;
  • Initial cost savings of 25%
  • Ongoing increase in cost savings at 2% per year.
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