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ITS Pipetech is a service vendor with over 18 years of experience working on major commercial and civil projects across both government and private sectors, and is contracted to manage and execute field services jobs on behalf of Sydney Water. Offering a full range of plumbing services that include water services construction, sewage works, underground boring and excavation, and plant hire, ITS Pipetech is also the largest provider of main to meter services in Australia.

Back in 2005, ITS Pipetech was one of 15 contractors performing mains to meter services for Sydney Water. Growing the business profitably required gaining operational efficiencies in the back office and generating productivity gains in the field, coupled with stronger management of compliance, health and safety, finance and audit reporting.

Today, ITS Pipetech is one of the utility’s preferred plumbing suppliers as a result of its outstanding performance. They manage in excess of 30,000 jobs per annum for Sydney Water alone, maintaining the assets between the water main and water meter, as well as meter assembly.

The challenge

Before ConnectiX, ITS Pipetech were struggling to dispatch, monitor and manage their field services staff. Back-office process required six full-time staff that manually allocated, dispatched, managed and collated the job sheets for the 24 field workers.

The solution

With ConnectiX, ITS Pipetech is able to automatically receive jobs from Sydney Water, dispatch to field staff, have field staff enter and comply with health and safety requirements, hazard checklists and other key documentation, and automatically update Sydney Water with job status and details.

The flexible configuration of ConnectiX has enabled ITS Pipetech to automate its best practice processes at both the operational and the field level. Through ConnectiX, ITS Pipetech is able to provide Sydney Water with a
variety of information online and in real-time, including safety
forms, site arrival and departure dates, DBYD plans, a record of activities performed by crews and job deadlines.

The company has been able to reduce overheads by 28 per cent per annum and increase KPIs for Sydney Water from 54 per cent to 95 per cent.

In comparison to the monthly subscription fee, ConnectiX represents a significant return on investment.

Why ConnectiX?

For ITS Pipetech, ConnectiX has delivered the following benefits:

  • 50 per cent increase in the ratio of field workers per dispatcher
  • 18 per cent increase in field productivity
  • Increased OHS through guided workflows and
    hazard checks
  • Increased data accuracy from the field, especially with regards to inventory usage and time-sheeting
  • 100 per cent removal of paper and the costs of archival for five years
  • Substantial time reduction related to recalling job information for audit and warranty claims (10 per cent of all work)
  • Full visibility of the field including location, safety compliance, job status and GPS integration
  • Rapid adoption in the field as it enhanced their strong culture of innovation
  • Increase in the average years of service

About ConnectiX

ConnectiX is a collaborative space that drives down costs and complexity in the asset management industry by allowing organisations to connect their disparate supply chain and workflow, from back office to the field, increasing productivity, visibility and compliance.

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