The challenge

A primary contractor was seeking to significantly reduce the costs of maintenance related to the facilities management of multiple mine camps for a large independent oil and gas producer.

The producer had 17 mine camps located across emote regions in Australia and hence connectivity and distance were large issues.

The challenge was to drive a continuous improvement cost reduction program over the life of this long-term contract. This challenge was enhanced by the producer’s desire for the contractor to take a risk position on the inventory of assets at the mine camps.

A further consideration was what additional cost savings could be passed through to the producer, to reduce their total cost of ownership across the life of the contract.

They were seeking to initially reduce costs by 25 per cent and continue to drive costs down over the life of the project.

The solution

The solution was ConnectiX IOT.

The solution included the design, engineering, build and rollout of 16,439 ConnectiX IOT sensors. These were deployed in 5035 custom-engineered bi-directional intelligent ConnectiX IOT nodes, of 17 varying designs, connected via 31 Lora LPWAN gateways to the ConnectiX IoT platform.

The ConnectiX IoT platform enabled real-time visibility, workflow management, secure sharing of asset, works and safety data with subcontractors, and cognitive analytics – all integrated into existing ERP, EAM and WOMS systems.

The sensor nodes are split into two categories: those designed to replace identified daily, weekly and monthly repeated manual tasks, and those designed to help implement condition-based monitoring.

Asset tracking is done via integration into SAP and Pronto systems of record. As actions are required, such as the tracking of site arrival and departure, or as anomalies are detected and recorded, the platform allows automated responses that can raise work tickets within the customer’s existing systems.

With the contractor’s goals and challenges in central focus, IT Easy, an IT managed services provider, configured and deployed the ConnectiX IoT solution to monitor a broad range of dates, DBYD plans, a record of activities performed by crews and job deadlines.

The outcome

A step change cost reduction of 25 per cent is anticipated through a headcount reduction of camp support teams, introducing a centralised roving team alongside a predictive maintenance
support schedule.

Reduction of the lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) will be achieved across multiple fronts. Condition-based monitoring will deliver prolonged asset lifespan, while switching off air conditioning in unoccupied mine camp rooms is reducing electricity consumption, thereby reducing the producer’s TCO across the life of the contract.

ConnectiX IOT sensors are designed to have a battery life in excess of the 7-year contract, exceeding traditional battery rotation of two years and further reducing operating costs.

The contractor has now taken a risk position on the assets, achieving another key success criterion. Service improvement has been reported as issues are dealt with more quickly - in some instances before they are reported or even occur.

ConnectiX IoT has solutions designed to meet a variety of business challenges, including condition-based monitoring, environmental control, lone worker monitoring, people counters, telematics, remote experts and predictive failure.

About ConnectiX IoT

ConnectiX IoT is an open platform developed by ConnectiX to supply a turn key solution, with integration into other technologies including IoT sensor networks.

The easy-to-configure decision tree and workflow engine allows custom thresholds and workflow creation, which can create tickets for service or asset management tools, and flow on to subcontractor’s service/asset management tools.

Communication is possible over multiple network technologies including Lora, Sigfox, NB-IoT, 3/4G mobile and wireless, as well as proprietary technologies. A mobile application helps in-field device testing, allowing quick and efficient registration of field sensors into the command centre.

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About ConnectiX

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