Supply Chain Collaboration can lead to massive savings. As utilities are forced to do more with less, Chief Financial Officers are continuing to seek ways to reduce waste and find savings within current budgets. Supply chains and asset management expenditure have always been areas where the lack of transparency and lack of collaboration has seen significant waste.

The ongoing re-entry of data, the lack of shared information and the uncertainty of the project/order status, can increase contract and supply chain costs by 20 to 30 percent. To date, this has generally been hidden from those looking to push savings through businesses. ConnectiX can give Chief Financial Officers the ability to push savings through the organisation, via improved outsourcing and management of supply chain arrangements. Our flexible business model requires minimal direct investment by the end client, resulting in a high ROI.

ConnectiX allows Chief Financial Officers to:

  1.  Establish automation and integration with all suppliers, leading to between 20 and 30 percent cost reduction
  2. Automate the receipt of new asset data from contractors and seamlessly feed it into existing asset registers
  3. Automate the receipt of condition assessment data and asset replacement data from contractors into existing asset registers, ensuring asset condition currency
  4. Automate documentation of the issue and receipt of requests for accurate budgets for maintenance and asset replacements from suppliers
  5. Automate and monitor the issuing and receipt of work orders for maintenance and asset replacements from suppliers, improving performance monitoring
  6. Reduce risk by automating the receipt of compliance requirements eg. WHS forms, WHS checklists

Current clients, such as Sydney Water, Compass, Downer EDI and Lion Nathan, have seen significant benefits, including:

  • 20-30 percent savings on the cost of contracts
  • Improved customer integrations.
  • Reduced risk through real-time management.


ConnectiX is a collaborative space that drives down costs and complexity in the asset management industry by allowing organisations to connect their disparate supply chain and workflow, from the back office to the field, increasing productivity, visibility, and compliance. It is a vendor-neutral cloud-based software the solution that takes advantage of numerous emerging cloud technologies to bring the entire supply chain together. It can be integrated with all existing systems, including EAM, ERM, flow chain management work order software and finance software, as well as both internal and external service providers.ConnectiX supports various Blockchain, IOT, AI and mobility solutions without the need for internal upgrades and allows Chief Financial Officers to continue to utilise any existing software system they already have in place. Connectix includes native and browser mobile apps and can be launched on any internet enabled smart device, allowing subcontractors to use their own device – whether it be iOS, Android or Windows. It is able to work offline when internet service is unavailable, storing all the information and uploading it automatically once it connects to the internet again. While Chief Financial Officers can use the numerous software offerings available to solve individual problems, ConnectiX is the only integration solution that can consolidate their supply chain via the one platform. It provides a single entry across the supply chain with the user only needing to connect once, rather than every time a new product is introduced.

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  • Titangelgr says:

    When cost reduction leapt to the top of the corporate agenda at the height of the financia 1766 l crisis, supply chains – which typically hold a large proportion of many companies costs – were one of the first places that CFOs turned to for savings. However, as companies looked to stimulate growth, manage economic uncertainty and the impacts of globalization, the supply chain has also become a source of competitive advantage,” EY global supply chain leader Andrew Caveney said in an announcment of the study results.

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