who we are  

ConnectiX Technologies develops global software solutions to improve mobility and effciencies of your organisation.


what is ConnectiX?  

The strength of the office on the road

Harnessing the extraordinary business potential of our custom proprietary software technologies, cloud computing and your existing systems, ConnectiX provides a quick and easy way to experience the benefit of sharing real-time back office information with your mobile workers.


technical assuredness  

ConnectiX has been developed using the latest development technologies and is supported by the latest in enterprise environments.

Designed for use on any web-enabled mobile phone, ConnectiX is certified and optimised for all wireless networks including GPRS, 3G and Wi-fi.


what makes us different: in the event that work conditions temporarily prevent access to a network signal, ConnectiX stores and sends the data to the office once service is resumed >>

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