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Achieve complete transparency across your entire supply chain by tracking job progress and controlling external and internal data in your current systems.

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Seamlessly connect your supply chain, work orders, purchase orders, contractors and suppliers.

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ConnectiX is the result of an extensive research program undertaken by the University of California, which identified gaps in the supply chain marketplace relating to collaboration across organisations in asset management, field services management, logistics and supply chain.

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Supply Chain Collaboration

ConnectiX aims to enable simple development, exchange and actioning of information across supply chains. Using leading edge technologies including Cloud Collaboration, Telematics, Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain, ConnectiX can seamlessly connect you to your assets, suppliers, clients and anybody/thing you wish to collaborate with.

Transport Management and Telematics

ConnectiX can provide live vehicle monitoring, both of your workforces as well as third parties. The provision of driver dashboards, route selection, compliance and behaviour monitoring can be essential to lower the risk to your business of outsourcing.

IoT Collaboration

ConnectiX provides an Internet of Things solution combining hardware sensors with a powerful integration platform to more effectively monitor and manage your assets, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Cognitive Computing / AI / Big Data

ConnectiX enables the simple development, exchange and actioning of information between your and other organisations systems. This includes access to cloud based Cognitive Computing, AI and Big Data tools.

Works & Supply Chain Collaboration

ConnectiX can provide the platform for you to integrate your current systems with those of your works and supply chain. Collaboration provides substantial cost and resourcing savings and improves knowledge and transparency.

Integration with Suppliers

ConnectiX enables you to utilise your existing systems, whilst gaining collaboration to your supply chain on disparate systems. ConnectiX can seamlessly connect you to your assets, suppliers, clients and anybody/thing you wish to collaborate with.

Disparate Systems Integration

ConnectiX can provide integration of all existing systems, including EAM, ERM, flow chain management work order software and finance software, to both internal and external service providers.

Integration Framework

ConnectiX is designed to ensure that any organisation only needs to connect to the Integration Framework once. New supply chains, program, clients and providers can be added at any stage with only minor changes to settings.

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